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BTP Members are a fundamental part of the BTP moving forward, as it is the BTP members who will support the BTP in making key decisions and evolving the town.

The BTP membership scheme is not open to anyone and so there is a criteria that prospective members must fulfil to becoming a member.

Members must:

  • Pay a yearly subscription of £125 or £15 per month
  • Own or manage a business within 500m of the town centre, or manage a tourist attraction within the CM7 1 postcode
  • Not be, or affiliated with, a developer (excluding professional services)
  • Not be a public servant (excluding tourist attraction managers)
  • Attend at least 75% of monthly meetings
  • Vote on key decisions
  • Support the BTP


In return members get:

  • A vote on key decisions (voting is open to members and the board only)
  • Networking opportunities
  • Links to: political, local government, corporate, professional services, senior management and director levels.
  • A ‘heads up’ on local development and proposed schemes
  • Access to BTP meetings (Meetings are closed to the public and non-affiliates)
  • A stronger voice with local issues
  • Collective representation



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