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Evolving Braintree Together

We appreciate that this is a testing time for us all but this period is temporary and life as we remember will continue.

The Braintree Town Partnership remains incredibly confident that Braintree will evolve into one of the region’s most exiting towns – Geographically, the town sits in a very strong position with exceptional transport links, a growing population, significant redevelopment and an exciting industrial growth on the horizon, all supporting our confidence.

BTP Driving Forward

Over the past 18 months (since the BTP’s creation) the BTP has been positioning itself to be the (not for profit) organisation that will drive the town forward, post manor street development and post predestrianisation.

Braintree’s residents demand a better ‘high street’ and we are going to deliver it!

With pedestrianisation of the High Street likely to become a reality, we can start to anticipate the creation of an attractive social space that can be utilised to drive a new type of footfall. Add to this a £30m development on Manor Street and we could see an additional 26,000 people coming into the town, jumpstarting our night-time economy. Then there are the riches that ‘Horizon 120’ will bring, along with an ever-growing population from the town’s active re-development – everything is aligning nicely. It is time to stand up and be counted. Let’s banish negativity and focus on the opportunity. Braintree will become a town that Essex is proud of. Why can’t WE be the town that the country uses as a blueprint of how to overcome the challenges our highstreets currently face?
The time to get involved is now!

The Braintree Town Partnership Member Scheme

The Braintree Town Partnership is a non-profit organisation created in 2018, whose mission is to write the next chapter in Braintree’s proud history of leadership in industry, retail and design.
Our town centre will be the heart of a thriving network of culture and commerce. Significant in Braintree’s recent history.
With the right people, putting in the right amount of effort, we can create something very special. This is a very exciting time to be both business owner and resident of Braintree.


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If you have recently returned from or been in contact with someone who has returned from the most affected areas, or are feeling unwell, please do not attend events held by the Braintree Town Partnership, to avoid risk of spreading the infection to other members of the public.

Thank you for your understanding.

Braintree Town Partnership

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