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A bit about us…

Braintree Town Partnership is a non-profit organisation created off the back of a number of workshops undertaken over the past few years. These workshops were managed by ‘Design South East’, an organisation who specialise in offering impartial design advice and assistance to local authorities and developers. The exercise was funded by Braintree District Council after an acknowledgement that the town required focus and direction. These workshops involved many key stakeholders both within and from around the town, this included business owners and residents.

Braintree, supported by Design South East created a vision to what Braintree town should look like and offered advice on ‘next steps’.

These ‘next steps’ identified a requirement for an organisation to drive the town forward. The BTP was born. The BTP stands alone in as much as it is not controlled by Braintree District Council. It is an organisation created by the town, for the town.

The BTP’s vision is simply to create a thriving town centre, that its residents can be proud!

What is the ‘Braintree Town Partnership’?

Braintree Town Partnership is: an independent organisation which belongs to the town, for the good of the town.
NOT The Highway Authority
NOT The Local Authority / Braintree District Council
NOT The Parking Authority
NOT in charge of business rates
NOT a place to vent frustration

What the BTP supports:

Every shop owner and every shop – The BTP believes each shop and business in the town brings something special. Our desire is to see every shop flourish and be successful. The BTP prefers an occupied shop premisis over a vacant one every time, no matter what the nature of the business, as long as it is legitimate, does no harm and provides a service to residents.

Pedestrianisation – A pedestrianised high street will create a shared space that can be used on a regular basis for events. For example:
• food markets,
• car rallies,
• vintage or antique markets,
• musical performances,
• televised live sporting events,
• movie nights,
• beer festivals.

The opportunities are endless! Imagine people saying “What’s going on in Braintree this weekend?”

A positive, mutually beneficial relationship with Braintree Village (previously Freeport) – Braintree Village has the ambition and the marketing budget to place Braintree positively on the map. We will work with Braintree Village and be stronger for it.

Change -High streets have changed. We must evolve, creating a town which suits our current society and the way people live and shop today.

Pay on exit parking – A move to ‘pay on exit parking’ will increase dwell time and visitor spending.

Manor Street Development –The Manor Street development is an opportunity for BDC to do
something special: a £30m investment is just that! A 90-room hotel will drive an extra 26,000people into the town centre to support Braintree’s economy.

Collaboration – Collaboration will make us a stronger town. Braintree Village, George Yard, the shops on our high street, Braintree Football Club, The Museum, all work independently. The opportunity is to work together, sharing ideas, resources and marketing opportunities.

The Braintree Town Partnership intends to be the forum to enable that collaboration.


A shared vision for Braintree Town Centre
A report on workshop 5, held on 25.07.17. Braintree+TC+Vision+Final+Workshop+Report+08.08.2017

The Braintree Town Partnership Management Team

Left to right: Liam Quinn Maintenance | Kevin Robson Director | Gary Thomas Director | Katy Rutherford Ambassador

Registered office: 29 Bradford St Braintree CM7 9AS.   Company No. 13724988